Chapter 1346

The furniture was all made of ordinary wood, which was much shabbier than the large Goldmann mansion. Mrs. Fraiser was very enthusiastic. “Daisie, do stay back for dinner today. What do you want to eat? I'll go out and buy some ingredients to cook something you like.” Daisie replied with a smile. “Anything will do!” “That’s good. Then I’ll go shopping now.” Mrs. Fraiser nodded and left immediately, but she did not forget to remind Lisa to entertain her classmate before leaving the house. Lisa brought Daisie to her room. Her room was much smaller than Daisie’s, but it still looked warm. The strange thing was that there was a double-decker bed, but the upper deck had obviously been vacant for a long time as it had become a storage space for boxes of all sizes. Daisie sat on a swivel chair next to Lisa’s desk and asked, “Lisa, does anyone sleep above you?” Lisa sat on the bed and lowered her eyes. “There used to be someone, but there’s no one sleeping up there now.” Daisie wondere

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