Chapter 1347

The teenager crossed his legs. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, you just don’t think of me as your brother.” “Evan, since you’re back, eat your dinner. If you don’t plan to eat with us, get out.” Mr. Fraiser’s face dimmed. If he knew that he would give birth to such a spoiled and useless son, he would have strangled him to death back then. Evan smiled. “Father, no matter what, I’m still your son. Is there a need for you to be so heartless?” “You’re actually shameless enough to admit that you’re your father’s son?” Mrs. Fraiser stood behind him. “All you do all day is fool around out there without knowing when to come home, and the only time you come back home is when you need money. You’re no longer a young lad. Can’t you learn how to behave practically, look for a job, and earn some money to pay for your sister’s studies?” Evan laughed out loud. “Why would she need me to pay for her studies? She goes to such a prestigious school, so the classmates she gets to know there should all be filthy rich,

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