Chapter 1348

Lisa froze in place, and she could only watch helplessly at the side as Evan took away everything Daisie had given her. Back at the Goldmann mansion… Daisie had just come upstairs when she saw Colton leaning against the wall, his arms crossed, waiting for her. She frowned. “Colton, you’re acting cool again.” “Who’s acting cool?” Colton inserted his hands back into his pockets. “Didn’t you go to Lisa’s house for dinner? Why are you back so soon?” “The dinner is over already.” Daisie walked to the door, thought of something, and stopped. “Colton, I think you’re quite a fine brother.” The corners of Colton’s mouth twitched. “Have you fallen ill?” ‘It’s rare to get complimented by Daisie.’ “You can let your imagination run wild.” Daisie spread her hands, pushed the door, and got into the room. Colton watched as the door closed, rubbing his chin as if he was deeply absorbed in his thought. The next day, after Maisie sent Daisie and Colton to school, he went to Nolan’s company to de

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