Chapter 1358

Not only that, but Elaine did not take the chance and curry favor with Nolan when they were having dinner that night. Apparently, she was not interested in Nolan. Elaine put the gift on the table and said with a smile, “To express my gratitude, I hope you can keep this, Mrs. Goldmann.” Maisie knew it was expensive, judging from the gift box alone. She narrowed her eyes and seemed rather perplexed. “You’re welcome, Ms. Xavier. However, did you not already express it at dinner the other day? So don't you think it's a little inappropriate for me to accept your gift now?” There were two meanings when it came to gift-giving. The first one was to express something, while the second was to curry favor. When one wanted to express something, it could mean that they were asking for a favor. However, Elaine did not look like she was asking for a favor but was more inclined to the second one. In other words, Elaine was currying favor with her, but she did not show it explicitly. It was wit

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