Chapter 1359

Nolan wrapped his arms around Maisie’s waist and pulled her closer. “Can’t you?” Maisie was stunned for a moment and chuckled. “Can I?” Nolan lowered his head and landed a trail of kisses on her cheek to the corner of her lips. “Yes, you can.” Maisie slightly pushed him away and lifted her head to look at his handsome face. “That’s because you know I won’t make any unreasonable demands.” To make a man obedient, being unreasonable was useless. An appropriate amount of vexatiousness could improve the relationship between husband and wife, but it would only make a man feel bored when overused. Nolan chose to listen to her when it came to important matters. He gave her the amount of respect and trust she needed. People always said that men went out to work while women looked after the house. When a woman gave her husband the respect he needed, the man would reciprocate by giving her a good life. However, things were different when it came to Nolan. Regardless of whether they were out

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