Chapter 1360

Lucy lowered her head and pressed her lips thin. Seeing her reaction, Jenna was worried that Edward would get angry, so she nudged Lucy. “Your father is talking to you.” Just when Lucy was about to say something, Elaine suddenly chimed in, “It’s just a small company. There’s nothing to ask, Dad.” After hearing what his daughter said, Edward nodded. Honestly, he was not interested in whatever Lucy was doing. If she really were the manager of a big corporation, it would mean that his stepdaughter was still rather useful. After all, profits and gains were the priority of businessmen. Lucy looked at Elaine, but Elaine paid her no mind. Lucy did not want to stay after she had finished lunch. Jenna walked her to the entrance. Before she left, Jenna grabbed her hand and said, “Lucy, are you mad with me?” Lucy was not someone who could hold grudges. When she said she was not mad, she was not mad anymore. After all, she had grown up now, and she could understand her mother’s choice. “Mo

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