Chapter 1361

“After getting married, any woman should act obediently and virtuously just like your mother. She takes good care of her family, her children, and her husband. However, the husband thinks those are all that she should do. He’s never given her a single word of approval or appreciation. You should know it yourself. Your mother has never dared to go against my father’s will.” The car was parked outside the apartment. Lucy unfastened her seat belt but did not get out of the car. Instead, she turned to look at Elaine. “So, is that why you don’t like my mother?” Lucy waited for her answer in silence. Elaine leaned on the back of the seat. “I just can’t stand your mother’s aggrieved looks and pleading manners.” Lucy lowered her gaze and said nothing. It was not that she did not know that her mother felt aggrieved and wronged. After getting married to the Xaviers, she could no longer engage in the profession that she liked. Edward wanted her to be a housewife and even asked her to cut tie

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