Chapter 135

Colton raised his head, looked at him, and said with his childish voice, “Then why did you still choose to help me?” “Did someone help you?” Louis frowned. “You’re just a little kid, and you dare to talk to a professor like this?” “I’m not just a little kid.” Colton was enraged. Louis moved his hand and gestured to Colton’s height. “You’re only this tall, aren’t you a little kid?” Colton refuted confidently, “It’s not that I can’t grow up anymore!” “Pfft, but you’re just a little kid now.” Louis looked at this kid. ‘He’s not only a little smart but also not afraid of me. Not to mention the good results that he obtained in the academy’s rating selection just now. He’s one of a kind. ‘But why does his face look so familiar?’ “I’m going to practice the piano already. See you around, Professor Lucas.” Colton propped his little arms on his waist and left the scene in tiny steps. Louis watched as the little rugrat walked away. ‘I wonder which family this brat is from. He actually p

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