Chapter 136

Why would she want to have more children with a horrible man like this? No way! “Shameless man who could only think about sleeping with me. Dream on!” she mumbled while she was folding up some clothes, planning to go sleep with Daisie instead. Maisie didn’t notice that the man who was leaning against the door with his hands crossed was squinting at her. Nolan wasn’t angry hearing her mumble insults about him because it was true that he did want to sleep with her. When Maisie turned around with the clothes in her arms, her body jolted, and her expression froze. No, she had been too careless! “Done with the scolding?” Nolan’s eyes stared straight at her. She was pretty energetic when she was angry at him. That was quite adorable. Maisie didn’t say anything. She carried the clothes out calmly and said, “I’m going to sleep with Daisie tonight.” Nolan didn’t stop her but smiled helplessly when he watched her walk away. Maisie was worried that the man was going to stick to her

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