Chapter 1368

Daisie walked over and sat down next to Lisa. “Lisa, are you alright?” She didn’t reply. Daisie was worried about her, so she placed a hand on her shoulder, but at that moment, Lisa moved it away. “Daisie, let’s not be friends.” Daisie was startled and curious. “Why?” Something came to her mind, “Did Leah say something to you?” Lisa lowered her head and wiped her tears away. “I know that I’m not from a rich family. My parents can’t give me anything more than the fees for this school. I just wanted friends. Why… Why did they have to say that about me?” Daisie slowly walked in front of her and knelt down. “Lisa, ignore what they say and think. You know that Leah loves to manipulate people. I only see you as my friend.” Seeing that Lisa was still crying, Daisie got up because she was angry. “I’m going to speak to Leah!” “Don’t—” Lisa held her back, “Please, Daisie, there’s no point. Do you think she will stop targeting me if you speak to her?” Daisie paused because she made sense

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