Chapter 1369

Daisie was too well protected and didn’t understand how the world worked. She wanted to give Lisa the best gifts because she wanted her to be confident, but confidence couldn’t be boosted with material goods. People weren’t born greedy. If they got things they wanted without putting in any effort too often, that was when greed started growing. Thus, Daisie was naive. “What should I do then?” Daisie suddenly realized that she had given Lisa a terrible burden. Maisie smiled and stood up. “Change before it’s too late.” On the other side, in the suburbs… Lisa wandered around and only got home when it was late. The door opened when she was putting her keys on the door lock. She curiously pushed the door open and went in. “Dad, Mom, I’m home.” She took off her shoes and shouted, but there was no reply. She walked in and placed her bag on the couch. She suddenly heard a noise from the kitchen, so she walked over, but when she stood at the door, she saw her mother lying in a pool o

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