Chapter 1370

Daisie was surprised. She quietly thanked the teacher and left. In the suburbs… Lisa’s father collected his wife’s items and started balling when he saw their family photo. Lisa, who saw everything, held her fists, turned around, and walked to her room with no expression. She took out everything Daisie had given her, put them in her backpack, and walked out with it. There was a cyber cafe at the end of the street, and she knew that her brother Evan and his gang would hang out there. She also knew that Evan had a ‘boss’ there who the boys called ‘Ivanka’. Ivanka was the owner of the cybercafe, but she looked like she had a lot of money. The red sports car that was always parked outside belonged to her. Lisa walked into the shop and to the cashier. The keeper had a sandwich while gaming and didn’t notice her. Lisa hesitated before speaking. “Is Ivanka here?” “She’s—” The man looked up and saw that she was just a girl who looked underage, so he put down his sandwich. “You know o

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