Chapter 1371

“It was them! Our neighbors saw it with their own eyes!” Lisa shouted while tears fell from her eyes. “He asked for money from Mom. She refused to give it to him, so he did that to her!” Mr. Fraiser looked at her silently. He stood there for a while before heading out to the hospital. While looking at the door as it slowly closed, Lisa’s mind was filled with her father’s expression. ‘He doesn’t believe me.’ When the thought surfaced in her head, she flung the cup on the table to the floor. … The next day, Daisie and Colton came to look for Lisa. She knocked on the door for a long while, but no one opened the door. She turned her head around to look at Colton and asked, “Brother, is Lisa not home?” “No idea. I guess so.” Colton turned around. “Let’s go then.” Daisie nodded. Initially, she wanted to check on Lisa. However, it seemed to her that Lisa was not at home, so she decided to look for her when she came to school. When Daisie and Colton arrived at the district, they ra

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