Chapter 1372

Tanner smiled at him and said, “They will.” Soon, they arrived at the Hannigan manor. Tanner had informed them about their arrival, so Nathaniel and Mrs. Hannigan had been waiting for them in the living room. When they saw a woman and a kid walking into the living room with Tanner, both of them found it hard to believe it. Holding Noah’s hand, Tanner led Pearl up to them. “Dad, I’ve brought your grandson and Pearl back to you.” Noah subconsciously hid behind Tanner’s leg and poked half of his head out to look at the two people in front of him. Mrs. Hannigan’s heart melted upon seeing how adorable Noah was. “Kid, come over here and let me take a look.” Pearl squatted down and said something to Noah before he walked toward Mrs. Hannigan hesitantly. Mrs. Hannigan ran her hand over his head and said with a smile, “What a good kid.” She then lifted her head to look at Pearl and said, “Pearl, it must have been hard on you.” Pearl was momentarily stunned before shaking her head. Stan

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