Chapter 139

Stephen had spent two years in hopes that he would move her one day, but other than giving him a child, she never showed any love for him. When Maisie had started growing up, and Marina’s health started deteriorating, he realized that she had chosen to have a child because she knew that she wasn’t going to live for much longer. This was her way of making up to him—such an absurd way. She had tricked him and made him fall head over heels. He resented her even after her death! She never said anything until her death. All these years, his pain would worsen as Maisie grew up, resembling Marina more and more. Although Stephen had brought Leila and Willow back and started focusing on Willow, he still cared about Maisie. He just didn’t want to be reminded of Marina. Maisie buried her face in her hands while seated on the couch. Her face was pale as paper. All these years, she had been under the impression that her father cheated on their marriage. Since her mother had been treatin

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