Chapter 140

Daisie laughed. “You little rascal! What are you laughing about!?” Willow’s face turned green after hearing her laughter. She hadn’t even started with them yet. Ryleigh stood in front of Willow. “What are you trying to do, Willow? This is a restaurant. If you want to go crazy, please do that in the streets, don’t disturb the patrons here.” A man with headphones sitting at the front just wanted to have some lunch but frowned when he heard the commotion. This had nothing to do with him, so he wasn’t going to step in. The other patrons looked toward them, seemingly unhappy. The server went up to try and stop them but was chewed up by Willow. No one could have predicted that Willow was going to throw a cup of coffee at Ryleigh. Everyone around them stood up, startled. “Godmother!” Waylon stood up, took off his sunglasses, and threw a glass of water at Willow. Willow’s makeup started melting because of the water. “You horrible rascals, how dare you—” Willow angrily raised h

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