Chapter 1408

It seemed to him that Lucy’s smile could cure everything in life. “Lucy,” he called out to her. “Yeah?” Lucy turned her head around and answered with a smile on her face. Hector couldn’t help himself but chuckle. “You truly are a strange girl.” Lucy cocked her head and replied, “Am I?” Hector let out a laugh. Lucy did not know what he was laughing at. After all, she was talking to him seriously. She turned her head around and shouted excitedly when she saw a few shooting stars streaking across the sky, "Look! Shooting stars!" Hector looked in the direction she pointed. Even though both of them were standing on their own balconies under the night sky, they felt closer to each other. Several days later, at Zestar… Sean’s seat was filled with bouquets of white flowers. Nearly all of the staff in the department wore black. There was no smile on their faces, and the atmosphere was dense. The higher-ups had been oppressing the Zestar staff for years, and Sean's death was the fin

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