Chapter 1409

Some of the girls in the department were so scared that they began to sob. The staff's eyes looked dim as they couldn’t see any hope. A few cars stopped in front of Zestar. A dozen men clad in black emerged from the cars and stood in two rows. Quincy opened the door to the back seat, and Hector got out of the car. He lifted his head to look at the building, and his gaze became more determined when he thought of what had happened to Sean. Quincy looked at him and said, “Let’s go, Hector. Mr. Goldmann said you can do whatever you want to do.” Hector took a deep breath and stepped into the building. Quincy followed behind with a team of lawyers and bodyguards. They barged straight into the administration department and went straight to the director's office. They put down the bodyguards that were guarding outside, and Hector pushed the door into the office open. The director of Zestar and a few higher-ups were in the middle of a meeting. When the deputy director beside the directo

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