Chapter 1416

Lucy walked toward the hall with Hector, and the moment the doors opened, she looked down to avoid their glances. The crowd looked toward them, and the scene froze. Maisie walked toward them and smiled. “Where did you go?” Lucy played with her fingers nervously. “Ms. Vanderbilt, I… I think I’ve brought trouble.” “There’s no trouble.” Maisie was going to take a sip when she suddenly saw the flower at the bottom of her skirt. “This flower looks beautiful.” “Hector used it to cover the wine stain. He just sewed it in.” Her face turned redder and looked like an apple under the light. Maisie laughed and turned to look at Hector. “Hecky is brave yet careful. He would probably spoil his future girlfriend.” Lucy’s heart skipped a beat, and she wouldn’t look up. Barbara suddenly walked over and placed her hand on Maisie’s shoulder. “You’re already picking a cousin-in-law?” Maisie denied it. “I want to pick daughters-in-law for my sons too, but they’re still young.” Barbara moved her

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