Chapter 1417

“I just hope that she will have a place to stay before she finishes her studies. She’s a poor girl, so I have to be responsible while she grows up. I hope that you can help. After she grows up and is able to live by herself, she won't ask for anything from your family anymore.” Edward was surprised when he heard that. Women who remarried would usually want the man to accept their children, but she was thinking about this from his perspective. He didn’t like the idea of Jenna bringing her daughter along. He was a businessman, so he would be worried that a woman who married him with a child would have bad intentions, and on top of that, he already had a daughter. After Jenna said all that, he asked if she was alright if he didn’t announce their relationship with the Xaviers, and she agreed. … Edward snapped out of that and looked at her, “It’s time to address me.” Lucy was surprised. Seeing that she was just standing there, Elaine nudged her. “Why are you just standing there? Cal

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