Chapter 1429

The man gave off a faint smile. “Your sister seems to have found herself a great sister.” “I’m alright. Our relationship has always been like that.” Elaine looked down at her watch. “I have to leave for work already. I’ll take my leave first.” The man nodded. When the waiter was clearing up the tables, he found an employee card on one of the tables. “Sir, it seems that the lady has left this behind.” The man grabbed it and took a glance at it. IT Director of J Tech Inc.: Elaine Xavier. Meanwhile… Madam Vanderbilt arrived at the front desk of Zestar and claimed that she wanted to see her grandson, Hector. However, the receptionists seemed to have received a notification earlier, saying that Hector was not in. Heidi’s expression changed. “How could he not be here? This is my grandson’s company, and I’m his grandmother. You people are all useless! Let me up, and I’ll look for him myself.” The receptionist looked up at her. “Ma’am, if you continue to cause us trouble without any

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