Chapter 1430

Lucy had always been a happy-go-lucky girl. She had never needed too many things to satisfy her longing in life. She had always believed that as long as one was alive and kicking, they must know how to appreciate the little contentments in life. Hector took a glance at her. After getting to know her, he realized that she was indeed an easily satisfied lady. Especially her eyes that looked very clear as if there was always a hint of clarity that disregarded all distractions in life. After entering society, it had always been difficult for anyone to keep their innocent selves. They would come into contact with many different and complex people and inevitably pick up traits from the people around them and grow into someone more complicated. However, Lucy had managed to keep such a pure heart unstained after all these years. It was already very late at night... Madam Vanderbilt and her relatives still had not seen Hector at his apartment. They tried calling him several times, but hi

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