Chapter 142

‘This bracelet belongs to Maisie’s mother, but how could I know that Maisie’s mother was a noblewoman? If I were to return the bracelet to Maisie, wouldn’t I be creating an opportunity for them to recognize her? ‘How could I allow Maisie to regain this identity of hers so that she could step on us for the rest of our lives?’ “But, as for Dad’s…” Willow still had concerns. Leila thought about it calmly for a moment. “Your dad probably doesn’t know about this, so don’t let him or your grandma know about it. “Willie, take the bracelet and go to meet Madam Lucas, then find a way to hide your past until you get the chance to approach the de Armas. You’ll definitely get everything that you desire when you take that b*tch’s place in the family!” Leila had gotten used to difficult times since she was a child. If she had not met Stephen, she would still be living frugally in a small hut somewhere around the city. She naturally did not want Willow to be like her. Although she knew that the

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