Chapter 143

Colton responded, “Oh, okay.” He then scampered out of the room again. Louis picked up the information on his desk and took a glance at it. ‘Colton… This boy’s last name is Vanderbilt too?’ … Nolan had heard that Stephen had come to see Maisie. Nobody knew what he had told her, but it was obvious that Maisie had been a little depressed and had been staying in her office since then. ‘Did Stephen come to make things difficult for her again?’ He went directly to the 16th floor upon thinking of this. Nolan walked up to her office door and opened it, only to see her curled up on the couch. Her expression looked a little depressed. She did not even give off her usual reaction when she saw Nolan. The woman who would swing her claws like a tiny wild cat whenever she met him was sitting quietly as if she was a poor cat that had been abandoned, making Nolan feel a little at a loss. He walked up to her, looked down at her, and stretched out his hand to rub the top of her head after a l

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