Chapter 144

‘This b*stard only knows how to ruin the atmosphere!’ Quincy did not care if Nolan was about to kill him and reported, “Mr. Goldmann, Mr. Goldmann Sr. has called you via a video call, saying there’s something important!” Nolan returned to his office. Mr. Goldmann Sr., who was on the screen, seemed to have been waiting for him since long ago. Seeing that Nolan had sat down at his desk, Mr. Goldmann Sr. asked, “Zee’s mother is from the de Armas?” Nolan’s gaze looked indifferent. “Did Hans tell you that?” ‘I’ve only asked Hans to investigate this matter and didn’t even tell Quincy about it.’ Mr. Goldmann Sr.’s expression dimmed. “Your grandfather will return to Zlokova in mid-June.” “Grandfather is coming back?” “Hmph, isn’t it obvious that he’s coming back because he learned that you have kids now? What makes you think he can resist the urge to come back to take a look at those kids? Above all, what makes you think you can hide the news from him?” Nolan did not say anything. He

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