Chapter 145

‘Vaenna Jewelry was frequently in the limelight some time ago, not to mention that this young lady named Willow Vanderbilt was deeply involved in the scandal that framed Ms. Santiago. ‘If it wasn’t because she had Marina’s bracelet…’ “The incident with Ms. Santiago, is it really your doing?” “That isn’t my doing.” Willow pretended to be aggrieved. “I got framed. I don’t even know Ms. Santiago, and I don’t know why she would frame me.” Larissa put the coffee cup down. “How come you and your mother Marina are so different in character?” The sentence almost choked Willow as her heart skipped a beat. ‘Is she suspecting something?’ Willow’s forehead was perspiring imperceptibly, and her expression looked embarrassed. “My… My mother passed away when I was very young. A nanny brought me up.” “Is it?” Larissa scrutinized the young lady in front of her ‘She’s very obsequious and extra careful. She’s indeed very different from Marina. ‘Marina ran away from home decades ago, and there w

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