Chapter 146

“Grandma, you can relax now that Vaenna is getting back on track.” “How could I not relax? Vaenna is in your hands now.” Madam Vanderbilt happily smiled while holding her hand. Leila took the chance to say something. “Of course. Willie is the lucky star of our family. When she becomes well known, you will be able to enjoy the rest of your life peacefully.” Madam Vanderbilt was enjoying it all. Who wouldn’t wish that their family would one day become successful so that they could enjoy life?” The business wasn’t doing well, so she had to rely on her grandson, but the latter was a disappointment. Hadn’t she come to Bassburgh because of Vaenna? She wasn’t disappointed after coming to Bassburgh. Even if it was because of her granddaughter instead of her grandson, it was worth it. “It would be great if Lynn was half as capable as Willie.” Madam Vanderbilt moved the topic to Linda, who was sitting on the couch. Linda had been staying in the city for a while now, but Willow never br

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