Chapter 1482

“Elaine Xavier, our feelings for each other can be cultivated. At least, what I just said was said with a sincere heart, and it has nothing to do with making up to you.” The evening breeze brushed against his collar, and the emotions that were overflowing from his eyes were blazing. “If all I want is to make up to you, there are plenty more ways to make it happen. I don’t have to go with this.” Elaine was stunned. After a long time, she pursed her lips. “Do you like me? Even if it’s only a little.” Ian looked down at her. “At least I don’t repel the feelings I have for you, nor do I hate them.” Her gaze shifted away from him, and she did not even utter a single word. Ian lifted his hand and stroked her cheek while Elaine froze in place. Her heartbeat was getting more and more intense as her heart beat along. She lowered her gaze and did not dare to move a muscle. His thick and rough palms brushed across her cheeks and rubbed against the corner of her lips. He approached her slow

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