Chapter 1483

Compared with the despicable tactics that Juan used in the business circle, Ian’s close relationship with the higher-ups had already won him a lot of opportunities. Kevin was relieved. “Luckily, he’s not working with Mr. Saldana.” Otherwise, Synergy would only become more aggressive. After chatting for a short while, Kevin left. Nolan poured a cup of tea slowly and calmly. “So, is he taking over Synergy now?” Quincy shook his head. “No, Ian only took the shares but did not take over Synergy. He gave it to Mrs. Saldana.” Nolan placed the teacup against his lower lip. ‘Ian gave Synergy to Mrs. Saldana. It seems he’s the one who informed Mrs. Saldana about the stolen money. ‘He didn’t make a move by himself, hid behind the curtains, diverted Juan’s attention, and used Mrs. Saldana to go against him. If Ian were to be my rival, then he'd be a difficult man to deal with.’ At that moment, at Synergy… Ian and Mrs. Saldana were sitting in the office drinking tea and talking to each o

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