Chapter 1488

But if Zephir liked the woman, he might just accept it. Violet leaned closer to ask, “By the way, the girl is from an affluent family, right?” Zephir’s lips moved. “She’s the daughter of Mr. Nolan Goldmann.” “Mr. Goldmann’s daughter!?” Something came to Violet’s mind, then her face dropped, and she cursed, “F*ck!” Weren’t they cousins of the Cliffords? At the Goldmann mansion… When the parrot was brought in, Nolan started getting a headache because it got too rowdy. He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Your grandfather’s birthday is tomorrow. Don’t you think it’s noisy to bring it back so soon?” “You’re the one who thinks it’s noisy. I think it’s fine, right, Big Spender?” The parrot hopped in the cage. “Big Spender isn’t noisy.” Daisie was elated. Maisie walked down from upstairs and chuckled. “Big Spender? The pet store owner is really good at naming.” The parrot flapped its wings happily. “Pretty lady!” Maisie paused and laughed out loud. “This little thing is really sma

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