Chapter 1489

Elaine looked at Ian from the corner of her eyes and saw that he unbuttoned two buttons and lowered the window down more. The breeze that blew in messed up his dark hair. Ian was holding back more than her. Elaine bit her lip. “Are you not interested in me?” Ian paused and turned to look at her. “What do you mean?” Elaine looked down. She didn’t think she needed to be shy because she was no longer a little girl. “You kissed me because you wanted to confirm our relationship, but if you’re not interested in me, I don’t think we should get married because I can’t be sleeping in the same bed with my husband and doing nothing.” After Elaine said that, she sounded as if she was more excited than he was? Ian was quiet for a moment, then laughed. His laughter was clear in the quiet carriage. Elaine glared at him. “Why are you laughing?” He was still laughing. “You meant interest in that way.” After he said that, his eyes fixed on her face. “I’m a normal man. What do you think?” It

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