Chapter 1498

Zephir had already guessed it. “I know.” Daisie was dumbfounded for a few seconds. “You actually knew?” Zephir laughed. “I can still tell the difference.” Waylon lifted his eyelids. He had heard from Colton when he was abroad that this fellow was interested in their sister. “Nice to meet you, Young Master Gosling.” There was no expression on his face. He looked indifferent and cold. Zephir nodded out of basic courtesy. “I’ve heard about you since long ago, Young Master Goldmann, but this is my first time meeting you too. It’s my pleasure to meet you.” Daisie looked at them inexplicably as something just did not feel right between the two of them. Meanwhile, in the private room… “Jackie Clifford, what are you doing in my private room?” Jackie sat across from her with his legs crossed and stared at her expressionlessly. “You didn’t return to the Lovegoods but came to Bassburgh instead. Are you still planning to embarrass the Cliffords?” Violet laughed abruptly and leaned backwa

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