Chapter 1499

The waiter came into the room with the dishes, and Zephir glanced through the ajar door and looked at the people sitting at the table outside the private room. ‘Daisie smiles brightly and warmly when she’s beside her brother. It’s quite rare to see two brothers who would protect their younger sister as these two do. Perhaps that’s the reason behind her innocent smile.’ Daisie and Waylon left the restaurant after dinner. The two of them could sense that Jackie was in a bad mood, so they bid him goodbye first. Back in the car, Waylon raised his hand to rub her hair. “Daisie, are you very close with Zephir?” Daisie nodded. “Yeah.” She then paused for a few seconds and asked again, “Waylon, why are you asking me this too?” ‘It’s a known fact that Colton doesn’t like Zephir, but does Waylon not like him either?’ “After all, it’s someone that you know. So, as your eldest brother, of course, I have to know a few things about him.” Although Waylon was protecting his younger sister too,

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