Chapter 1502

Ian laughed, walked toward her, and hugged her from behind. Elaine jumped and turned around. “You’re such a quiet walker.” “Why are you up so early?” “To make breakfast for you.” She thought that he shouldn’t be the one who always made it. Ian lowered his head to kiss her ear. “There’s no need for that.” “No, I want to.” Seeing how resolute she was, he smiled. “Alright.” Elaine never cooked, so even after watching the tutorial, it still turned out disastrous. She lost her appetite when she saw it, but Ian finished all of it. Even though he didn’t say that it tasted bad, she still felt discouraged. Elaine would go to the Lakeview Apartment for the next few days to ask Lucy to teach her how to cook after work. Lucy was surprised. “Don’t you hate cooking?” Elaine had been served all her life and disliked the kitchen because it was too oily. Yet, she started to learn how to cook after her engagement to Ian? Elaine turned away. “I just want to learn from you.” Lucy couldn’t say

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