Chapter 1503

Coton was outstanding in a private school, and some universities had already given him admission letters even when he was just 13. Maisie hugged Nolan’s waist. “Yes, our son is a genius. I’ll let you make the arrangements then.” Nolan called the school's principal personally and arranged for Waylon’s transfer, and it was done. Waylon would be in the top class, the same as Zephir. The students in that class started chattering once they found out that there would be a new student. Zephir was reading on his desk, and even though he wasn’t particularly paying attention to the new transfer, he was curious. The teacher walked over with the transfer student, and everyone looked toward the window. Zephir looked too and felt that the person looked familiar. The teacher walked into the classroom with a smile and stood at the front of the class, “Please quiet down. We have a student who transferred in from a school overseas. I hope that you’ll be able to show him around. Let’s welcome him

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