Chapter 1504

Daisie stood the book on the desk and covered half her face, only her eyes peering through. “I’m just coming to the library. Do you have to do this?” Colton stared at her. “You read yours, and we’ll read ours.” She pouted and didn’t reply. Waylon helped her take notes and gave them to her. “Colton says that your results could be improved. Let’s learn some problem-solving.” Leah took out the notebook she had when she was in middle school and handed it to her while speaking to Waylon. “Do you think she can understand your notes? It’s best to use mine.” Colton took their notebooks. “She won’t understand. I’ll teach her.” Zephir smiled. “Let me do it.” Leah was annoyed. “Enough all of you. Do you think a middle-schooler like her would understand what you tell her?” Daisie was offended. Colton was quiet. “I’m in middle school too.” Leah was rendered speechless. They would all make Daisie study before the finals. It helped because Daisie went from 15th place in class to the top

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