Chapter 151

‘Maybe it’s because of the incident at the Michelin restaurant?’ Louis’ words changed Willow’s expression. Fortunately, Larissa did not say anything, which made her calm down a little. The price on the screen stopped at $266,000,000! And the last person to tender a bid was Madam Nera from the Peach Room. Maisie was surprised and curiously looked at the distinguished guest of the Peach Room. The person who was sitting at the window turned out to be Madam Nera! The price that had stopped rose again to $282,000,000 abruptly! The audience was astounded. The auctioneer was stunned for a moment and then slowly said, “Congratulations to the distinguished guests from the Stork Room located on the second floor…” Maisie turned her head and looked at Helios. “Mr. Boucher, you...” Helios gave off a faint smile. “A brilliant masterpiece is worth the price.” Madam Nera frowned when she looked at the person who was sitting in the Stork Room. ‘It turns out to be that kiddo from the Boucher

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