Chapter 152

“Sometimes, I really dislike the things that come out of your mouth.” “Then don’t kiss me.” Nolan did not expect that she would say so. He frowned and pinched her chin. “You’re the one who’s asking for it.” He sealed her lips with his immediately. Maisie resisted a little in his arms, but she was suddenly crushed tightly by him. He then lowered his voice and stared at her passionately and greedily. “Don’t move around. Do you want this to turn into something even deeper?” Maisie did not say a single word. “Mr. Goldman.” Quincy’s voice came from outside the door. Maisie quickly got up and away from him. ‘This man is really too contemptible!’ Quincy pushed the door, came in, and said, “Mr. Goldman, Madam Nera from the Peach Room invites you and Ms. Vanderbilt… to go over to her room.” Maisie and Nolan walked out of the Bamboo Room and ran into the Lucas family and Willow in the corridor. When Willow saw that Nolan was still holding Maisie’s hand, her eyes could not help but tur

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