Chapter 1525

In the end, Violet switched off her phone so that she wouldn’t get affected by it. Since the reporters had twisted her words, Violet was branded with labels, such as wh*re and arrogant b*tch, once the magazine was published. She was subjected to online bullying right after New Year's Eve. Everyone thought that Violet was a loose woman. Not only did she not admit her mistake, but she also treated the reporters arrogantly after her divorce. There were all sorts of comments about her on the Internet, and most of them were bad. In the meantime, the publishing company received a call from Thomas. Nobody knew what Thomas had said, but the owner of the publishing company ran into the department and asked, "Where are the 5,000 copies of the magazine printed yesterday?" “It's all been distributed.” The owner's expression changed, and he said, “Hurry up and call them back. Withdraw those magazines. They can't be distributed. If not, bad things will happen!” Everyone in the department worke

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