Chapter 1526

Violet lowered her gaze and gave off a smile. “Actually, I didn’t do much. I just taught them to make paper cranes, stars, and more. Those are what Jacob taught me before.” The dean approached her and took her hand. “Viv, I’ve always known that you couldn’t let go of Jacob. Jacob was a good man. It’s a pity that…” She interrupted the dean abruptly, “Please stop, ma’am, please stop.” “Viv, you must learn to face the facts.” The dean took a deep breath and could not help but feel downcast. “There’s no need for you to put all the blame on yourself.” At that moment, the already cracked dam in Violet’s heart was being slammed again, and it crumbled. She lowered her head and admitted deep down that she was not as strong as she had been portraying herself throughout all these years. Despite how others misunderstood and badmouthed her over the years, she had never cared. The only thing that would shatter her was Jacob. She could not bear it any longer—the pain that had been buried deep

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