Chapter 1529

Violet lowered her gaze. ‘Over the years, while I’ve hated my father for Jacob’s death, I’ve ignored my mother's love for me too. In the end, all my relatives could only condone my doings helplessly. ‘All I could think of all these years was my hatred and resentment toward the world, so much so that I’ve neglected the fact that there are people who care about me. ‘I can’t let go of my grudge because I can’t live on happily due to Jacob’s death. ‘Before today, I didn’t understand Jacob’s intention when he saved me from the bullet. He didn’t die on my behalf just to make me live in guilt for the rest of my life.’ Two days later… In front of all the media, Thomas made the news public that he had taken Violet in as his god-granddaughter. He also clarified that Violet and his grandson had decided to get a divorce not because of Violet’s lifestyle but because of their incompatibility. He supported Violet publically and accused the media of misinterpreting the truth. And Thomas’s deci

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