Chapter 1530

Violet walked to the table. “What’s the matter?” “It’s nothing.” He walked in and glanced at the framed paintings on the wall. “I’ve come to visit your gallery.” She was startled. “Then why not come during the day?” He retracted his gaze. “I don’t have time during the day.” Violet snorted, lowered her head, and continued to frame the painting on hand. “You actually chose to come to visit at night, that’s so sickening.” Jackie looked at her and frowned. “Watch your words.” “I’ve always been like this.” Violet thought of something and suddenly realized something. “Oh, because I’m now your god-sister, I have to respect you as an elder brother, right?” Jackie smiled. “Grandpa asked us to get along well as god-siblings. Is this how you uphold your promise?” Violet smiled. “Even retards won’t believe in the promise that we both made. Let me ask you a question, will you get along well with me?” Jackie was rendered speechless. Violet waved her hand. “Forget it. I’ve never expected to

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