Chapter 1540

“I’ll send you home.” Jackie started up the engine and drove away. Nobody spoke during the entire journey. The quietness ground at Violet’s heart, however. She wanted to say something but was afraid that he wouldn’t understand. She has cried in front of him twice—the first time was in Jacob’s room, and the second time was outside the police station. Jackie parked the car outside the Lovegood mansion and walked her in. Rose sat on the couch looking miserable, seemingly onto something. When she saw Jackie and Violet entering together, she slowly stood up. “Violet, you’re back.” “Mon, I—” “Alright, there’s no need to say anything.” Rose cut her off gently. “I understand your dad’s decision.” She walked to Violet and held her hand. “Your dad made a mistake. We’ll let the court decide and wait for him to come back, alright?” Violet’s eyes were red again as she nodded. Rose looked toward Jackie and asked, “Why not stay for dinner?” Violet was going to help him get out of it. “

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