Chapter 1541

Rose was just worried that her daughter would regret it in the future if she did not seize the opportunity this time. As if she thought of something, she said, “Violet, I have to go home these few days, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving you here alone. Why don’t you go stay with the Cliffords these few days?” Violet was stunned. After a short while, she asked, “You’re not abandoning me, are you?” Rose was stumped. “What are you talking about? I’m going back because I have something else to do. Your cousin is still in Octavia as well. You can go look for him if you're bored over there.” Luckily, she knew her daughter well. Violet bit her lips and glanced at Jackie. “But don't you think it's inappropriate for me to stay with the Cliffords? Besides, it's not that I can't stay home alone.” Rose asked, “The maid won't be around over the weekend. Can you cook for yourself?” Violet was rendered speechless. Rose turned her target toward Jackie and said, “Jackie, I’ll leave Violet in

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