Chapter 1561

Saydie placed the documents on the desk and asked after a while, “Does it look bad?” Maisie sneered. “Why doesn’t it look good? The most important thing is that you like it. You’re not wearing a skirt only to let others admire you. Women should only dress up to please themselves, not others.” After putting on a skirt, Saydie looked a little more feminine. Her appearance had always been above average, she had strong facial features, and a hint of heroic and assertive pride could be sensed coming through her eyes. She looked quite handsome when she dressed up as a man. Now that she had kept her hair at a longer length and worn a skirt, she was giving off a different vibe. As for why Saydie had suddenly undergone such a change, Maisie had seen through it but did not expose her. Thus, she did not ask much. After submitting the documents, Saydie left the office and ran into Quincy in the corridor. Quincy looked up, saw Saydie, and was slightly surprised. He was stunned for a few seco

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