Chapter 1562

‘After all, a man will surely be able to sense it when a woman has a thing for him. ‘And if a man were to be a master at distinguishing b*tches, he’d definitely have a more critical and lethal vision than a woman who’s a pro at distinguishing scumbags. ‘I’ve been by Mr. Goldmann’s side for such a long time, and I’ve seen all sorts of coquettish women. Even when it came down to Willow back then, I wouldn’t say that I had a good impression of her. It was just that I thought she was Mr. Goldmann’s savior. That was why I showed her some respect reluctantly. ‘But Saydie is truly not pretending. Apart from being a pure and simple woman, she’s brutally honest too. There’s nothing that she wouldn’t say. ‘If this is the case, I believe I’ve never laid a finger on her. After all, I was so drunk that I was powerless, but Saydie might have misunderstood the meaning behind sleeping together.’ “Let me ask you something. Did you sleep with me the other night?” Saydie nodded. Quincy looked stra

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