Chapter 1571

“Wait.” Nollace turned his head around to call her. There was no emotion in his voice as he said, “Since we don't know each other, I don't think I've offended you before.” He had no idea why, but he did not like her attitude either. Daisie turned around sideways and looked at his face. “Go back and think about it yourself. After all…” She paused for a few seconds before the words slowly tumbled out of her lips, “I just don’t like you.” Waylon and Colton were worried about Daisie, so they followed her to the backyard. But upon seeing this scene, they knew their worries were uncalled for. Daisie was naive and prone to trust people, but it was only applied to those who were not in a bad relationship with her. There was one thing about her that was similar to their mother—they would not forget those bad things that other people had done to them. Daisie would never forget those hurtful words Nollace had thrown at her even though he himself did not remember them. She still couldn’t f

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