Chapter 1572

Nollace was standing in front of the wall, gazing at a painting. The painting was called "Fallen Angels,” and it was a gift Violet had given Daisie when she returned from Octavia. She did not know why he was looking at the painting. She did not know what he was doing in front of the painting, but she was not interested to know about it. She pretended she did not see him and walked past him. Suddenly, Nollace opened his mouth and said, “What an interesting painting.” She stopped in her tracks and looked at him in astonishment. She turned to look at the painting again, and honestly, she did not care so much about the symbolism of the painting. She just felt that it was a good painting. However, his words had successfully piqued her curiosity. “What else did you see from the painting?” Nollace fixed his gaze on the painting and said indifferently, “At first glance, we only see the world saving the angels who have fallen to earth and lost their wings, but after taking a longer lo

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