Chapter 1599

Nolan looked at Maisie, who was standing right next to him. “She’s our daughter. How can she not look breathtakingly good?” Daisie hugged Maisie and Nolan. “Mom, Dad, I’m so happy that you’ve come to celebrate my birthday again.” Maisie stroked her hair. “It’s our little princess’s coming-of-age ceremony, after all. How could your father and I miss this party?” The birthday banquet was about to begin. All the distinguished guests were enjoying scrumptious food and smooth wine. They were all elegant and very chatty. It was only natural for Nolan and Maisie to entertain all their guests. Daisie and other socialites got together to drink and chat. Some of them were Daisie’s alumni or coursemates. “Why didn’t Young Master Knowles attend your birthday party?” Daisie was astonished by the question and replied with a smile, “Perhaps he’ll be late.” “I realized that Young Master Knowles pays quite a lot of attention to you in college. Is it possible that he’s courting you?” Daisie was c

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