Chapter 1600

Lisa had finally persuaded Tristan to bring her to the banquet. She also thought that with so many influential individuals present, the Goldmanns would not make things difficult for her to preserve their reputation. She had come to the Knowles four years ago, thinking she could get into Yaramoor’s upper social class with the power of the Knowles. However, Nollace’s parents did not like her very much. She had assumed that Tristan could persuade them to change their opinion about her, but Tristan told her that Nollace was the one who would make all decisions in the Knowles. She originally thought it was perfunctory. After all, Nollace was the same age as her, so how would he have the authority and guts to order the family’s elders around? But she was really wrong. In the Knowles, even Tristan had to listen to him. Even Nollace’s parents would not dare to force Nollace into doing anything he did not want to do. Nollace was only 14 years old back then. He did not only need to go to

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